Issue #9

Special Report:
Certification: The Choices - Voluntary credentials for paralegals have been available for a number of years. Here are our choices.Creation Of The Long-Range Planning Task Force - A summary of the Committee's beginnings
Mandatory Minimum Cle: Has It's Time Come? - The pros and cons of mandatory CLE; there are still many issues to considerThe Survey And Results: Here's What You Think - How do we view ourselves and where do we want to go?
Registration:One Option In The Regulatory Process - An option with interesting possibilitiesSpecialty Certification For Texas Legal Assistants - Many of us are now TBLS certified and many more are considering it
Licensure:What Will It Take? - It has its supporters and its opponents but it is something we need to consider

Family Law Litigation - Change v. Consistency

Texas Ingenuity
To Merge or Not to Merge
On The Horizon
Courtroom Razzle Dazzle
Ethics and Professionalism

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