Issue #14

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Special Report:
Supplemental Environmental Projects
A Unique Approach to Saving the Environment
The Current Status of Environmental Equity: Why the Future Is Still Uncertain
Are You Familiar With the Term "Environmental Racism?" If Not, Read On...
The Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Program
Finally, An End to the Cumbersome Double Permitting System
Real Estate, Lenders & Superfund
Clean It Up and Pollute No More!
Texas Water Rights Permitting Issues:
An Overview for the Non-Practitioner

Pena Interview
An Interview with Richard Pen–a, President of the State Bar of Texas The First in A Series of Interviews with High Profile Legal Professionals
Highlights of the Revisions to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Just When You Thought You Knew What You Were Doing...
Proposed Bylaw Revisions
Including Commentary
Texas Forum XVII
Hearing From Non-Traditional Legal Assistants

The Ethics of CLE
Learn, Learn and Learn Some More

Letters to the EditorStaff

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