Issue #16

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Special Report:
Law in the Complex World of Emerging Technologies
New technologies emerging at ever increasing rates mean our policies and laws are changing to keep pace at breakneck speeds.
Entertainment Law in Texas in the Digital Age
The arrival of digital technology and its application in the entertainment sector has given rise to new products, vocabulary, deal structures, legislation, economics, distribution systems, politics and practice areas.
Athlete Representation
Before they ever take the field..they take a pen and sign on the dotted line.
Chicken Kicks the Stuffing out of Barney
We just don't hear enough about stuffed yellow chickens in baseball caps and purple dinosaurs

One of Our Own Elected National President
Sally Andress elected NFPA President
An Interview with Kirk Watson, Attorney and Mayor of Austin
Third in a series of interviews with high-profile legal professionals
The Case for Licensure
A comprehensive look at the issue.
Your Client and the Crime Victims' Compensation Program
Many attorneys and paralegals are not aware of this very valuable program.

Ethical Responsibilites Regarding Personal Problems
Don't bring them to work...your attorney does not want to hear them.
It's the Law*&!%&#!*
Funny and sometimes ridiculous twists in our legal system.