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Thanks, Norma, For All You Do!
A Profile of Norma Hackler, LAD Coordinator

Comments (and funny stories) from Eula Ewing (mother), Craig Hackler (husband) Gwen Keran (sister), Nancy C. McLaughlin, CLAS, Publications Chair, Javan Johnson, current LAD President, Lisa Sprinkle, CLAS, Immediate Past-President, Michele Boerder, Chair of the Division 1990-91, Sally Andress, LAD President 1995–1996, Debra Crosby, Director Dist. 5 (San Antonio) and Chair of the Long Range Planning Taskforce.



Hot "Cites"

Providing Cost-Effective Legal Services
by Lesley G. Cox, RP
The entire legal community wins when attorneys recognize that paralegals have the education and experience to perform legally substantive tasks.

Meetings Maneuvers: Strategies for Meaningful Meetings
by Michele Boerder
Are ineffective meetings consuming your time and slowing productivity? Then this is the article for you!



Ethics and the Paralegal: If It Doesn’t Seem Right, Don’t Do It!
by Nancy C. McLaughlin, CLAS

Your credentials may be impeccable, your skills first rate, your responsibilities enormous. But if you practice unethical conduct, knowingly or unknowingly, you are a danger not only to the client, your attorney and the firm, but also to yourself.

Make the Right Choice
by Craig Hackler



Et Al.

Stress: what?
by Javan Johnson, CLAS

Notice of Election

Notice of Nominations for President-Elect

Exceptional Pro Bono Service Award—Uniform Informational Statement and Application

Legal Assistant University 
LAU 2000 Graduates

Preaching to the Choir...and other obvious observations
(LAU Commencement Address)
by the Honorable Lora Livingston, 
Judge 261st District Court

LAU Photos



Law & Disorder
Radio signals "beamed" into prisoner’s head within the sole jurisdiction of the FCC.

The Ethics of Solicitation of Clients
by Ellen Lockwood

Suggestions this month from Linda J. Wolf, Dallas, and Joni Wallach, Attorney Assistant Program Coordinator, Sonoma State University



Everyone likes to see their name in print...well...almost everyone! If you would like to see your’s, all you have to do is submit an article to The Texas Paralegal Journal. It doesn’t have to be a tome—it can be as short as one-half page. Or if you have more to say, you can take up to five (5) single-spaced, typewritten pages. If you need ideas, take a look at the following suggestion: 
Criminal Law: Concealed Handgun Law; Pre-Litigation: Subrogation, Interview Techniques, Obtaining a Proper Witness Statement; Litigation: Trial Notebooks, Organization of Complex Document Production, Use of Databases, "On-the-Road" (working on a case out of your immediate area-what you need to know); Corporate/Business Law; Immigration; Environmental Law; Maritime and Admiralty
Products Liability; Medical Malpractice (including the role of the nurse/paralegal); Real Estate; Entertainment and Intellectual Property; Non-Traditional Roles for Legal Assistants; Pro Bono

These are only a few ideas for potential articles. If you feel you don’t have anything to contribute, you probably know someone who does. Either contact them directly, or let us know their information and we will track them down.  We are also looking for suggestions for "Paralegal Pointers" "Law & Disorder" and our "Web Wizards" columns.  Also welcome are your comments and criticisms of our publications and website.

To share your ideas or submit an article, please contact:

Norma Hackler, Coorinator
Legal Assistants Division
P. O. Box 1375
Manchaca, TX 78652
512/280-1776 (o)
512/291-1170 (fax)


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