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How to Get Help Paying Nursing Home Costs
What if you need nursing home care and can't afford it?  How can you find out if you are eligible for Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid Dollar Amounts Charts

Preventing Impoverishment of the “Community Spouse”
What can you do if your spouse needs long term care and your income is being depleted? How to protect your resources while paying for your spouse's nursing home care.

Hot "Cites"

Legal Research 101: Class Six
Case Law

Helping Your Client Prepare for Deposition
Tips for helping your client to understand the basics, and avoid the pitfalls, of the deposition process 

E-Mail and Internet Monitoring in the Workplace
Watch out. Your e-mail and your online activities at work are not as private as you think they are!

Paralegal to the Governor
The professional life of the paralegal who works in the highest office in Texas' Executive Branch.

What You Need to Know . . . As a Notary-Employer
What an employer of a notary needs to know to protect himself and his employee, as well as their clients

Local Government Law
An explanation of the interesting, often confusing, sometimes antiquated, law governing local governments

Signature Security
A forensic document examiner warns about the possibility of having your signature forged . . . and gives some advice on how to prevent that from happening

To Pre- or Not to Pre-
(Pay the Mortgage, That Is). Is prepaying your mortgage a good idea? 

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Everyone likes to see their name in print...well...almost everyone! If you would like to see your’s, all you have to do is submit an article to The Texas Paralegal Journal. It doesn’t have to be a tome—it can be as short as one-half page. Or if you have more to say, you can take up to five (5) single-spaced, typewritten pages. If you need ideas, take a look at the following suggestion: 
Criminal Law: Concealed Handgun Law; Pre-Litigation: Subrogation, Interview Techniques, Obtaining a Proper Witness Statement; Litigation: Trial Notebooks, Organization of Complex Document Production, Use of Databases, "On-the-Road" (working on a case out of your immediate area-what you need to know); Corporate/Business Law; Immigration; Environmental Law; Maritime and Admiralty
Products Liability; Medical Malpractice (including the role of the nurse/paralegal); Real Estate; Entertainment and Intellectual Property; Non-Traditional Roles for Legal Assistants; Pro Bono

These are only a few ideas for potential articles. If you feel you don’t have anything to contribute, you probably know someone who does. Either contact them directly, or let us know their information and we will track them down.  We are also looking for suggestions for "Paralegal Pointers" "Law & Disorder" and our "Web Wizards" columns.  Also welcome are your comments and criticisms of our publications and website.

To share your ideas or submit an article, please contact:

Norma Hackler, Coorinator
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