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Ethics Articles

Listed below are links to all ethics articles from the Texas Paralegal Journal.  If you are interested in reprinting any of these articles, please send an email to  If you have an issue you would like to see addressed in a future article, please send your suggestion to

Title Date
The Ethics of AI in the Legal ProfessionSummer 2020
The Ethics of Soliciting Current and Former ClientsWinter 2020
The Ethics of Signing Trademark Documents for the USPTOFall 2019
The Ethics of Recovering Paralegal FeesSummer 2019
The Ethics of Dealing with a Data BreachSpring 2019
The Ethics of Using Your Paralegal Title in Your Personal LifeWinter 2019
The Ethics of Working with an Attorney with Health Challenges Affecting the JobFall 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Assisting the Public with Legal IssuesSummer 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Legal TerminologyWinter 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Paralegals and Privileged Communications-Client PrivilegeFall 2017
Texas Notary Laws–Updates and Best PracticesSummer 2017
Ethical Considerations of Limited Scope RepresentationSpring 2017
The Ethics of Paralegals Representing CorporationsWinter 2017
Avoiding the Appearance of Representing a ClientFall 2016
Are Paralegals Ever Agents for Attorneys?Summer 2016
Seven Deadly Sins of Ethics and Professionalism - Part 2Spring 2016
Seven Deadly Sins of Ethics and Professionalism - Part 1Winter 2016
Ethics of Utilizing Home Computer for WorkFall 2015
Ethics of Utilizing Cloud Storage for Documents with Personal Identifying InformationSummer 2015
Ethics of Attorney Approval of Documents for E-FilingSpring 2015
Ethics of Working with Clients When Attorney Is Not PresentWinter 2015
Ethics of Non-Attorney Officers or Principals and Non-Attorney Bonuses Based on Revenue or ProfitFall 2014
Ethics of "Bring Your Own Device" WorkplacesSummer 2014
Ethics of Advising an Attorney Outside the Attorney's Area of LawSpring 2014
A Practical Guide Regarding Our Ethical Duty to Report Uneithical BehaviorWinter 2014
The Ethics of Email Signatures in Mobile DevicesFall 2013
Ethics Themes in To Kill a MockingbirdSummer 2013
The Ethics of Keeping your Attorney UpdatedWinter 2013
The Ethics of Correspondence to ClientsFall 2012
The Ethics of Using Firm or Company Letterhead and Email AddressesSummer 2012
The Ethics of Revealing Client Names to a Prospective EmployerWinter/Spring 2012
The Ethics of Community ServiceFall 2011
The Ethics of Gifts from VendorsSummer 2011
The Ethics of Cloud Computing and Client DataWinter 2011
The Ethics of Social MediaFall 2010
The Ethics of TechnologySummer 2010
The Ethics of DiscoveryWinter/Spring 2010
Update: Ethics Issues of E-FilingFall 2009
The Ethics of Emails, IMs, and PriviledgeSummer 2009
The Ethics of Making MistakesSpring 2009
The Ethics of Interactions with Opposing CounselWinter 2008
The Ethics of Owning Stock in a Client of the FirmFall 2008
The Ethics of the Texas Paralegal StandardsSummer 2008
The Ethics of Holding Yourself Out as CertifiedSpring 2008
Ethical Considerations in the WorkplaceWinter 2007
How Do I Remain Ethical?Fall 2007
Ethics of ConfidentialitySummer 2007
Ethical Considerations in Electronic DiscoverySpring 2007
The Unauthorized Practice of Law in TexasFall 2006
The Ethics of Using an Attorney Signature StampSummer 2006
A Paralegal Change of Employment and the Duty to Protect Client Confidences, Part 2Spring 2006
A Paralegal Change of Employment and the Duty to Protect Client Confidences, Part 1Winter 2006
An Ethical Overview of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005Fall 2005
Dear Ethics ChairSummer 2005
The Code and the Rules - Paralegal Standards of Conduct and Integrity, Part 2Spring 2005
The Code and the Rules - Paralegal Standards of Conduct and Integrity, Part 1Winter 2005
Everyday EthicsFall 2004
The Ethics of Electroic FilingSummer 2004
Paralegals and Legal MalpracticeSpring 2004
The Ethics of ConfidentialityWinter 2004
The Ethics of Referral FeesFall 2003
The Ethics of NotarizationSummer 2003
The Ethics of Using an Attorney Signature StampSpring 2003
The Ethics of Certificates of Service and Certificates of MailingWinter 2003
The Ethics of Business Cards and LetterheadsFall 2002
The Ethics of OrganizationSummer 2002
Ethics and the Paralegal's Involvement in Settlement NegotiationsSpring 2002
The Ethics of In-House Paralegals and UPLWinter 2002
The Ethics of Reporting Unethical BehaviorFall 2001
The Ethics of Giving Legal AdviceSummer 2001
The Ethics of AgreementsSpring 2001
The Ethics of the Solicitation of ClientsWinter 2001
What Out for UPL!Fall 2000
We Walk a Thin Line - a TightropeFall 2000
The Ethics of the Inadvertent Disclosure of Privileged DocumentsFall 2000
The Ethics of Confidential InformationSummer 2000
A Question of Ethics - But Whose?Spring 2000
Billing EthicsSpring 2000
Update on Email EthicsWinter 2000
Filing an Ethical Complaint with the Legal Assistants DivisionFall 1999
Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Personal ProblemsSummer 1999
Ethical Walls and Attorney DisqualificationSpring 1999
The Ethics of CLEWinter 1999
The Lying GameFall 1998
Ethics and Electronics Part 2Summer 1998
Ethics and Electronics Part 1Spring 1998
Ethics and Your BossWinter 1998
Ethics and ProfessionalismFall 1997
The Unauthorized Practice of LawSummer 1997
Stress and Ethics, Part 2Winter 1996
Stress and Ethics, Part 1Fall 1996
Self-DisciplineSummer 1996
Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional ConductNovember 1995

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