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DAPA General Membership Meeting: Intro to RImkus’ Experts

Time: 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm

Arts District Mansion
2101 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75201
2101 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201

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Sponsor: Dallas Area Paralegal Association
Texas County: Dallas


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What exactly is a forensic engineer? To start, no two forensic consultants are the same.

Some forensic engineers can reconstruct vehicle accidents to tell you if the injuries claimed are consistent with the accident’s events.

Other forensic consultants can examine and collect evidence at a fire scene to determine the fire’s origin and cause.

There are forensic engineers with property expertise who can help determine why a building collapsed, and there are scientists who can help clients understand complex human factors issues, such as whether a person could have seen a warning sign before a slip-and-fall accident.

Rimkus is a forensic engineering and technical consulting firm. Our global team of more than 900 consultants offers significant expertise investigating issues across a wide variety of industries. We provide support to the legal industry by applying scientific and engineering principles to analyze complex cases.

Working with our clients to help understand complicated matters, we provide comprehensive investigations, technical reports, expert testimonies, and demonstrative materials that serve as critical evidence in courtrooms, helping legal professionals build strong cases.

Join us Tuesday, September 19, to hear four Rimkus forensic experts share their real-world experience related to Human Factors, Premises Liability, Fire Investigation, and Accident Reconstruction.