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Bookmarking this app

You can put an icon of this app on your home screen, so the next time you use it you can tap the icon to return quickly. Most phones and tablets allow you to do this by using the bookmark feature.

  • On iPhone and iPad, you tap the   share   button, and then tap on "Add to Home Screen."
  • On Android, there are different ways to create a Bookmark for the home screen, depending on the version of Android your device is using. For many versions, you tap the Menu button, tap on "Save to Bookmarks", and in "Add To" tap on the choices to see Home Screen, and then tap on that.
  • For Windows devices, the method also varies depending on the version you're using. For many devices, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and tap the star icon. Tap the pin icon, enter a name for the icon, and click Pin to Start.

©2015, Paralegal Division,
State Bar of Texas

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