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Aside from the cosmetic differences, our new website has several operational differences and some great new features.  It’s important for you to note these changes.

Logon Process

The My Account page replaces the MEMBERS ONLY menu.  You now log in by clicking the Login to My Account link near the top left of any page.  Each time you log in you will be directed to the My Account page.  It has links to all private member functions available for your membership profile.

Members, including former members, can log on two ways.  You can use the same User ID credentials used on the old site (your bar number) or you can use the email address associated with your preferred address (work/home) as reflected in your profile with the State Bar of Texas.  Initially, your password for both methods is the same as the old site – the lower case version of the first 5 characters of your last name, padded with zeros if less than 5 characters.  The new system allows you to change your password to a more private value.

Guests can log in using the same email address and password used on the old site.

Account Email Address – Very Important Difference

The new site now uses your account email address as the primary means of contact.  You can update it as desired.  Guest members use this address as your log-on user name.  For members and former members, this address can be used in lieu of your bar number as your log-on user name.  It is also used when we send you transaction confirmations and eBlast messages, and is the only address that can be used for member subscriptions to the eGroup.  Changing your account email does not affect your work/home email addresses in your profile on our site or with the State Bar of Texas.  During conversion to this site, the account email address for members, including former members, was established using the work/home email associated with the preferred address in your profile with the State Bar of Texas.  The account email address for guest members is the same as on the current system.

Event Registrations

We are happy to announce that you will be able to register for certain types of events advertised in our Calendar.  If the event is sponsored by the Paralegal Division and requires a registration, you will have the ability to register online.  If there is a cost associated with the event, you’ll be able to pay when you register.

Online Sales for TPJ Ad Space and Local Sponsorships

You can now use our online sales process to purchase ad space in the Texas Paralegal Journal.  We will also begin online sales of opportunities to sponsor local events.  Because of COVID concerns, it may be a while before we have any available sponsorships.

Sustaining Member Ads

Sustaining members are automatically eligible for a free listing on the Vendor page.  Sustaining members now have direct access via the My Account page to create and manage their free listing.


As mentioned above, you can only receive eBlast emails via your account email address.  Edit your My Account profile to opt in/out of eBlast participation.


Like eBlast, you can  only participate in the new eGroup using your account email address.  Any traffic sent to the eGroup must originate from this email address.  All traffic sent form any other address is automatically rejected without moderation.

Unlike the old system, it’s very simple to subscribe to the new eGroup.  Edit your My Account profile, scroll to the eGroup section, and click subscribe/unsubscribe as needed.  That’s it, you’re done!  If you routinely use out-of-office messages, we encourage you to unsubscribe when you’re going to be away.

No Shopping Cart

The old system used a “shopping cart” to support placing orders.  The was a cart icon link at the top of every page.  The new site uses an entirely different method for collecting payment information so no cart icon is present.  Be sure you complete the payment step before exiting a “shopping” page else your transaction will be lost.  You can’t use the browser’s back button to return to previous pages in a multistep order process.  Be sure you use the Previous and Next buttons to move from page to page.

myApp Retired

The sub-site has been retired.  The new site is entirely mobile friendly, making the myApp obsolete.

You received this email as a privilege of your membership in the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas.  You may unsubscribe/opt-out of future eBlasts by logging onto your account and editing your directory profile.

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