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Vendor Name Website Vendor Service Category
Kim Tindall & Associates — KTA Court Reporting, Litigation Support, Process Service, Record Retrieval, Remote Notary Services, Trial Technology, Trial, Litigation & Logistical Support, Video Conferencing/Remote Deposition Services, Video Services, Videography
Innovative Legal Solutions Court Reporting, Document Services, Process Service, Record Retrieval
Hollerbach & Associates, Inc. Abstracting, Title Search
File & ServeXpress LLC Discovery Management, Filing Services, eFiling
Avansic E-Discovery & Digital Forensics Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Discovery Management, E-Discovery, Electronic Discovery, Expert Witnesses, Investigators, Law Firms, Law Office Software, Legal Technology, Litigation Cloud, Litigation Support, Online Legal Documents, Project & Technical Consulting, Technology Services
Surety Advisors, LLC Bond Services - Civil Appeal, Probate, Notary, Bond Services - Fiduciary & Notary
Midland College Paralegal Education, Training and Development
Rice University, Glasscock School Paralegal Education
Veritext Legal Solutions Court Reporting, Deposition Services, Legal Technology, Litigation Support, Paralegal Education, Video Services, Videography

* A listing by a paralegal program in the Vendor area of the Paralegal Division website is not an indication of whether the program meets the criteria of membership in the Paralegal Division. Paralegal programs must meet specific qualifications to meet membership criteria. However, the education courses presented may be accepted as continuing legal education.