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The Texas Board of Legal Specialization offers a Paralegal Certification Program for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the legal field. TBLS Paralegal Certification Program is a valuable tool for paralegals who want to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to their profession.

TBLS Board Certification is a distinguished credential granted to paralegals showcasing exceptional expertise and commitment within their profession. It signifies a remarkable level of proficiency, achieved by meeting stringent standards set by authoritative bodies such as the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This accolade highlights a paralegal’s dedication to excellence and their capacity to provide exceptional legal support in diverse practice areas. With Board Certification, paralegals can elevate their careers, embrace broader opportunities, and profoundly contribute to the legal sector.


The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) stands as an unparalleled foundation for Board Certified Attorneys and Paralegals, an achievement of unmatched distinction. Since its inception in 1974 under the Supreme Court of Texas, TBLS has been dedicated to advancing legal standards for the public interest. In 1994, TBLS extended its commitment to excellence into paralegal practice, becoming the nation’s pioneer state-associated program to certify paralegals in specialized areas of law.


Professional and personal achievement: Board certification is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates your dedication to the paralegal profession and your commitment to excellence. It can also lead to increased job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.  The TBLS-BCP acronym credential demonstrates your earned specialized designation to the Texas legal community.

Expanded job opportunities and career paths: Board certification can open new job opportunities and career paths. You may be able to command a higher salary and take on more responsibility by specializing in a particular area of law.

Earned expertise: Board certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to be a highly effective paralegal. It can also help you stay up to date on the latest legal developments.

New network of certified paralegals: Board certification can help you connect with other certified paralegals who can provide you with support, advice, and referrals.

Accomplish higher level of credibility with employers, clients, and peers: Board certification can help you build credibility with employers, clients, and peers. It demonstrates that you are a highly qualified paralegal who is committed to providing high-quality legal services.

Increased earning potential: Board-certified paralegals earn more annually than their non-certified counterparts.

Personal satisfaction: Board certification is a challenging but rewarding process. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your confidence in your abilities.


Board Certified Paralegals are specialists in eight distinct areas of Texas law. Explore each area to learn more about their focused knowledge and skills. (**Each specialty area will have a dropdown to reveal the summaries for each)


Protections and obligations of the bankruptcy code for individuals and businesses experiencing financial difficulty.

Civil Trial

Litigation involving contracts, businesses and business owners, negligence, creditors and debtors, fair debt collection, landlord and tenant, and deceptive trade practices act.


Misdemeanor and felony crimes, arrest, detention, plea bargains, jury and non-jury trials (for individuals 17 years of age or older).

Estate Planning and Probate

Conserving and protecting property through wills and trusts, transferring property through gifts and wills, providing financial resources for minor children, probate proceedings, elder law issues and minimizing taxes on estates.


Marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, support plus ownership of property acquired before and during marriage.

Oil, Gas and Mineral

Comprises law applicable to oil, gas and other minerals and interests in oil, gas and other minerals and to the acquisition, ownership, leasing, development, transfer, disposition and financing of these substances.

Personal Injury Trial

Litigation based on an individual’s injury from automobile accidents, professional malpractice, defective products or negligence by another.

Real Estate

Purchase, sale, rental, and financing of residences, commercial buildings, and rural land.



Application deadlines and applicable fees may be found in the TBLS Fees & Application Schedule.  General Requirements for Certification:

1.      Minimum of 5 years of paralegal work experience under the direct supervision of a licensed Texas attorney.

2.      An assessment of the paralegal’s experience and duties showing 50% of their time is devoted to the practice area.

3.      30 hours of CLE in the specialty area.

4.      Completion of a Baccalaureate or higher degree or completion of an accredited paralegal program or 2 additional years of paralegal work experience.

Click here to access the Paralegal Certification Application for more information.


If you are a paralegal who is looking to advance your career, TBLS Board Certification is a valuable credential that can help you achieve your goals; visit www.tbls-bcp.org for more information.

For questions or assistance, contact Certification Analyst Molly Galvez