Texas Paralegal Day October 23rd

Paralegal Day
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Did you know that the State Bar of Texas was the first bar association in the United States to create a separate division for paralegals?  What was originally “the Legal Assistants Division” and is now “The Paralegal Division” of the State Bar of Texas (the “Division”) was created on October 23, 1981.  The members of the division thought we were worth recognizing, so with their encouragement, on April 5, 1993, Texas Senate Concurrent Resolution 69 was signed by the President of the Senate, Bob Bullock, and the Speaker of the House, Pete Laney, commending the Division and the legal assistants of the State of Texas, and resolving that the 73rd Legislature of the State of Texas had declared October 23 as Texas Legal Assistants Day.

Beginning in 2005, the Texas House of Representatives signed proclamations acknowledging October 23rd as “Paralegal Day” (as a result of the Paralegal Division’s formal name change), for one or two years at a time.  However on January 22, 2009 the Texas Senate issued Proclamation No. 1144, declaring October 23 to be Texas Paralegal Day indefinitely.