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Title Date
The Ethics of Distinguishing Between Being Helpful and UPL May, 2023
The Ethics of Notarial Duties and Conflicts of Interest January, 2023
The Ethics of Acquiring Legal Software Programs October, 2022
The Ethics of Professionalism and Coworkers February, 2022
The Ethics of Pronouns in Legal Writing October, 2021
The Ethics of Using Non-Attorney Staff to Work Attorney Booth June, 2021
The Ethics of Conflicts of Interest January, 2021
Legal Ethics in the Time of COVID-19 and Similar Situations November, 2020
The Ethics of AI in the Legal Profession July, 2020
The Ethics of Soliciting Current and Former Clients January, 2020
The Ethics of Signing Trademark Documents for the USPTO November, 2019
The Ethics of Recovering Paralegal Fees July, 2019
The Ethics of Dealing with a Data Breach April, 2019
The Ethics of Using Your Paralegal Title in Your Personal Life January, 2019
The Ethics of Working with an Attorney with Health Challenges Affecting the Job September, 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Assisting the Public with Legal Issues July, 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Legal Terminology January, 2018
Ethical Considerations Regarding Paralegals and Privileged Communications-Client Privilege September, 2017
Texas Notary Laws–Updates and Best Practices July, 2017
Ethical Considerations of Limited Scope Representation April, 2017