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Title Date
The Ethics of Confidential Information July, 2000
Billing Ethics April, 2000
Update on Email Ethics January, 2000
Filing an Ethical Complaint with the Legal Assistants Division September, 1999
Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Personal Problems July, 1999
Ethical Walls and Attorney Disqualification April, 1999
The Ethics of CLE January, 1999
The Lying Game September, 1998
Ethics and Electronics Part 2 July, 1998
Ethics and Electronics Part 1 April, 1998
Ethics and Your Boss January, 1998
Ethics and Professionalism September, 1997
The Unauthorized Practice of Law July, 1997
Stress and Ethics, Part 2 January, 1997
Stress and Ethics, Part 1 September, 1996
Self-Discipline July, 1996
Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct September, 1995