Mentor / Protégé Program

Are you studying to be a paralegal, or are you new to the field?  Have you recently changed the type of law that you work in?  The Paralegal Division offers a mentor program to help you get started!

Participants receive direction and support on topics such as ethics, career advancement, and professionalism. Protégés also have access to valuable networking opportunities with other paralegals and the legal community through their mentor, as well as at state-wide and district Paralegal Division events.

Eligible PD members include:

The mentor / protégé relationship can be very rewarding, with benefits extending long past the official end of the relationship.

All of the PD mentors are Division members who have at least 7 years’ experience working as a paralegal. Many of our mentors are also Division leaders and liaisons. Mentors are located across the state and work in many areas of law.  Protégés may be matched with a mentor who is not geographically close by; meetings may be held electronically based on the mentor and protégé’s preferences.

The mentoring program is a free benefit available to Paralegal Division members.  Join the PD today and let us match you with a mentor in your area of legal interest!

You can access the Mentor and Protege Request Forms by logging into your PD account and then go to the My Account to download your form.