Exceptional Pro Bono Service Award

The Paralegal Division (PD) of the State Bar of Texas is proud to sponsor an Exceptional Pro Bono Service Award. Its purpose is to promote the awareness of pro bono activities and to encourage PD members to volunteer their time and specialty skills to pro bono projects within their community by recognizing a PD member who demonstrates exceptional dedication to pro bono service. Paralegals are invited to foster the development of pro bono projects, to provide assistance to established pro bono programs, and work closely with attorneys to provide unmet legal services to people with low incomes.

This annual award will go to an individual PD member who has performed the pro bono service(s) in the State of Texas, and has volunteered his or her time and special skills in providing uncompensated services in pro bono assistance to their community. The winner of the award will be announced at the Annual meeting, his/her expenses to attend the Annual Meeting will be incurred by the Division, and a profile of the individual will be published in the Fall issue of the Texas Paralegal Journal.

Definition of Paralegal Pro Bono Service
(Adopted June 2013)

Providing legal assistance, without remuneration or compensation to the paralegal, that requires specific legal skills, knowledge or training, under the supervision of a licensed attorney or qualified organizations, whether individually, or through non-profit charitable, religious, civic, community, or governmental organizations, and serving as an advocate for those with limited means or that are unable to speak for themselves.

  1. Providing legal support services for persons of limited means, either through qualified legal services/legal aid programs.
  2. Providing legal support services at community legal clinics; and
  3. Providing assistance for, working directly with attorneys on cases, or providing direct client advocacy, under legal services/advocacy programs that are sponsored by a bar association, court, governmental agency or non-profit agency.