History of the Paralegal Division


As a result of several years of work by the Legal Assistants Committee of the State Bar of Texas (Bar) and Bar staff in response to the growth and development of the paralegal profession, the Legal Assistants Division was established by the State Bar Board of Directors on October 23, 1981. The stated purpose of the Division, as adopted, is “to enhance legal assistants’ participation in the administration of justice, professional responsibility and public service in cooperation with the State Bar.” An additional reason for forming the Division was to provide a state-wide organization for legal assistants which would serve as a central vehicle for effective communication and resolution of matters of mutual concern to legal assistants throughout the State.

Establishment of the Division was the first such action by any state bar association in the country.

Upon recommendations from the Legal Assistants Committee of the Bar and State Bar staff and input received from many sources in the legal community, the initial Board of Directors (Board) of the Division, representing 16 geographical districts in Texas, was appointed by Bar President Wayne Fisher in November and December 1981. The initial Directors representing odd-numbered districts would serve until June 1, 1983, and those representing even-numbered districts would serve until June 1, 1984, thereby creating staggered terms. Directors elected thereafter would serve two-year terms.

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