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Title Date
Everyday Ethics September, 2004
The Ethics of Electroic Filing July, 2004
Paralegals and Legal Malpractice April, 2004
The Ethics of Confidentiality January, 2004
The Ethics of Referral Fees September, 2003
The Ethics of Notarization July, 2003
The Ethics of Using an Attorney Signature Stamp April, 2003
The Ethics of Certificates of Service and Certificates of Mailing January, 2003
The Ethics of Business Cards and Letterheads September, 2002
The Ethics of Organization July, 2002
A Question of Ethics – But Whose? April, 2002
Ethics and the Paralegal’s Involvement in Settlement Negotiations April, 2002
The Ethics of In-House Paralegals and UPL January, 2002
The Ethics of Reporting Unethical Behavior September, 2001
The Ethics of Giving Legal Advice July, 2001
The Ethics of Agreements April, 2001
The Ethics of the Solicitation of Clients January, 2001
What Out for UPL! September, 2000
We Walk a Thin Line – a Tightrope September, 2000
The Ethics of the Inadvertent Disclosure of Privileged Documents September, 2000