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Title Date
The Ethics of Paralegals Representing Corporations January, 2017
Avoiding the Appearance of Representing a Client September, 2016
Are Paralegals Ever Agents for Attorneys? July, 2016
Seven Deadly Sins of Ethics and Professionalism – Part 2 April, 2016
Seven Deadly Sins of Ethics and Professionalism – Part 1 January, 2016
Ethics of Utilizing Home Computer for Work September, 2015
Ethics of Utilizing Cloud Storage for Documents with Personal Identifying Information July, 2015
Ethics of Attorney Approval of Documents for E-Filing April, 2015
Ethics of Working with Clients When Attorney Is Not Present January, 2015
Ethics of Non-Attorney Officers or Principals and Non-Attorney Bonuses Based on Revenue or Profit September, 2014
Ethics of “Bring Your Own Device” Workplaces July, 2014
Ethics of Advising an Attorney Outside the Attorney’s Area of Law April, 2014
A Practical Guide Regarding Our Ethical Duty to Report Uneithical Behavior January, 2014
The Ethics of Email Signatures in Mobile Devices September, 2013
Ethics Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird July, 2013
The Ethics of Keeping your Attorney Updated January, 2013
The Ethics of Correspondence to Clients September, 2012
The Ethics of Using Firm or Company Letterhead and Email Addresses July, 2012
The Ethics of Revealing Client Names to a Prospective Employer January, 2012
The Ethics of Community Service September, 2011