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The Art of Defense: A Trial Lawyer’s Canvas

Time: 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm


Facility Phone:
Sponsor: Paralegal Division

Texas County:

CLE HOURS EARNED: 1 CLE credit, TBLS approved for Criminal Law

Cost: $40 Members; $50 Non-Members


The presentation will masterfully delve into the intricate craft of courtroom advocacy. With a profound blend of legal expertise and artistic flair, Mr. Marshall will paint a vivid picture of the defense attorney’s role in the criminal justice system. He will illustrate the artistry required to meticulously build a case, employing a palette of evidence, witness testimony, and persuasive argumentation. He will emphasize the importance of crafting compelling narratives and connecting with jurors on a human level, akin to an artist forging an emotional connection with their audience. Through engaging discourse, the trial attorney will showcase the profound creativity, strategy, and dedication underlying the pursuit of justice within the courtroom.

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