Can I change my membership status from a Student member to an Active or Associate Member before the renewal process?

It is impossible to change your membership status mid-year (fiscal year ends on May 31).  All membership status must be changed during the renewal process.

If you are a current Student member and would like to change to a different member status, after May 31 you will need to to complete an Active or Associate membership application in order to change from Student to Active or Associate (whichever applies). The reason is because student memberships are based on the paralegal program that a person attends and the Active and/or Associate memberships are based on the individual’s education, experience, and job duties. In order to make the correct choice for which new membership category you should apply, please go to (under Membership menu item) and view the current membership applications along with the criteria for each category. Please review both the Active Membership application and the Associate Membership application.

When filling out the new Active or Associate membership application, it is very important to provide your CURRENT Bar Card number when asked to do so in the application process.  If you do not know your Bar Card number please email the PD Coordinator at