How Do I Select a reputable Paralegal Program?

The Paralegal Division does not review paralegal programs, therefore, the Division cannot attest to the quality of any paralegal program.  However, paralegal programs are approved by the American Bar Association and Texas accrediting education agencies. In addition, there is a national association for paralegal educators. Therefore, to begin researching paralegal programs, please contact the following:

American Association for Paralegal Educators (AAFPE) —
American Bar Association (ABA) links:

General Site
Paralegal Program Search – General
Paralegal Program Search – Texas

If the program you are interested is not listed with these organizations, the best possible research tool is calling local law firms and asking them what paralegal programs they hire from in order to assess the situation. Or talk with each paralegal program and ask for a reference list of students that have graduated from the program. Use the list of graduates to gain the needed information.

Note: Not all paralegal programs will comply with Paralegal Division Active and/or Association membership application requirements.