I need a new membership card. How do I order another one?

New bar cards are no longer issued annually.  2017-2018 was the final year for the distribution of renewal membership cards.  Hang on to your traditional burgundy PD card and proudly carry it with you.  If your card needs replacing due to loss, damage, or name change, you can order a replacement via the My Account page..

Your membership profile is recorded with the State Bar of Texas and cannot be changed via this TXPD.org website.  If any updates are needed, it’s imperative that you update your profile with the SBOT before ordering a replacement card.  Follow the instructions via the menu above: MEMBERSHIP > Name and Address Change to update your member profile.  It can take up to 2 weeks before changes made with the SBOT are reflected on our TXPD.org website.  If you updated your profile with the SBOT, you should to wait to see those updates appear on the bar card order screen before ordering your replacement card.