I missed the membership renewal deadline. What do I need to do to reinstate my membership?

The Paralegal Division’s annual renewal process is only available May 1 – July 31.  Memberships that aren’t renewed during this period are automatically converted to be Former Members in mid-August after the State Bar confirms the active roster resulting from the annual renewals.

If you failed to renew but want to continue your membership, you can reapply as a new member.  Be sure to log on (https://txpd.org/login/) using your bar number and current password.  Then go to the new member application page (https://txpd.org/membership/new-member-application/) to begin your application.  Be sure to click Yes on the “Are you a former member?” question.  If you are/were an Active or Associate member in the past 12 months AND are reapplying as Active or Associate, you will have to provide your CLE information as part of your application.