I recently received the Paralegal Division membership acceptance letter but need my membership number in order to gain access to the Division’s Members-Only area on the website. Can you please forward my membership number to me?

Membership numbers are provided to new members by the State Bar of Texas Membership Department.  Membership cards are forwarded by mail to the new members of the Division within two weeks of receipt of acceptance letter.  If there is a need to know the membership number, please contact the Membership Department directly at 1-800-204-2222, ext. 1383.

The membership numbers are assigned to new members by the State Bar of Texas Membership Department. Once memberships are approved by the Paralegal Division, the dues and forms are forwarded directly to the State Bar for processing.

Members are not granted access to the Members-Only area of this website until the following week after receipt of the membership card.  Generally, it takes about one – two weeks from the day your membership is entered into the SBOT Membership database to have the filed downloaded from the State Bar of Texas website database and uploaded to the Paralegal Division’s website.

The State Bar of Texas Membership Roster is not directly connected to the Division’s website. Each Sunday, the State Bar’s computer program automatically creates a current list of the Division’s members. Each Monday, the Division is allowed to access the State Bar’s info and download all of the current members in a format to be placed on the Division’s website. Once you receive your membership number, please check on Tuesday to see if you can gain access to the private area of this website.