I work as a contract paralegal. Can attorneys recover the costs for my services out of any settlement or trial verdict?

Yes, contract paralegal fees can be recovered as part of a settlement or trial verdict. Any paralegal work performed on a case that the attorney is seeking recovery of attorney’s fees, can be included in the amount being sought to be recovered. Of course, there are many types of cases that do not allow for attorneys fees to be recovered. If it is a case where the statutes allow the recovery of attorney’s fees, then the attorney can include a contract paralegal’s work performed on the file. For further explanation, refer to the Gill Savings case* and the Paralegal Definition and Standards here  Both paralegals and attorneys should read and become familiar with the Paralegal Standards that were approved by the Paralegal Division and by the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors.

*Gill Savings Association v. International Supply Company, Inc., 759 S.W.2d 697 (Tex. App.- -Dallas 1988, no writ). Gill Savings was a case of first impression in Texas regarding recovery of paralegal fees as part of an attorney’s fee award.