I would like to continue as an active Division member, but I cannot fulfill the CLE requirements. What can I do to stay involved?

If the 6 hours of CLE credit is not obtained by the Active or Associate member by May 31 of the year in which membership expires, a member must reapply using a current membership application in order to continue as a member of the Division.

Note:  Members with extenuating circumstances who are not able to meet all the requirements for renewal of their membership may apply for a waiver of the requirements.  Such extenuating circumstances may include a pro-longed medical disability, military deployment to a remote location, or some other serious hardship which would make it impossible to meet the requirements.  A request for waiver of the renewal requirements should be directed to the President, the President-Elect, and the PD Coordinator, and include a detailed explanation of the member’s circumstances with appropriate evidence to support the request.  For example, evidence for members with medical circumstances may include a letter from a doctor, and military members should include a copy of their deployment orders. Each request will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and decided on its own merit.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.