Why are the CLE hours from my attendance at the Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar (TAPS), or my former attendance at Legal Assistants University (LAU), not posted to my CLE record?

The Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar (TAPS), formerly known as Legal Assistants University (LAU), is not approved by the MCLE Department of the State Bar of Texas because it is marketed to paralegals (not attorneys).  Therefore, the attendance at TAPS or LAU will not appear on your attendance record.  The Paralegal Division does NOT post any CLE hours to your personal CLE record.  Each member of the Paralegal Division is responsible for posting their attendance at non-MCLE approved CLE courses to their personal CLE records. This feature has been made available to Paralegal Division members for the purpose of allowing each member to have a personal repository for maintaining their CLE record.

CLE records can be viewed or managed by the members of the Paralegal Division via the My Account page.