What do I do if I did not meet the CLE requirements for renewal?

You cannot renew as an Active or Associate member if you didn’t obtain 6 hours of substantive continuing legal education, at least 1 hour of which must be legal ethics, by May 31, 2023.  Members are allowed to substitute up to 2 hours of self-study or pro bono service in order to satisfy the 6-hour requirement.  The ethics requirement cannot be met via self-study.  All CLE hours claimed are subject to audit, so ensure you retain documentation of your CLE activities.

This not uncommon and can easily be remedied.  Here are the steps:

  1. Since you can’t renew as an Active or Associate member, you’ll need to reapply after you’ve completed enough additional hours to meet the CLE requirements. The CLE requirements to reapply (within 12 months of your last membership) are the same as discussed above except the May 31 deadline is waived.
  2. Complete your CLE hours and document them via the My Account > Manage My CLE Records link.
  3. Ensure you are logged on using your bar number as your user ID and your current password.
  4. On the main site menu, go to Membership > Applications to complete your reapplication.  Be sure you are logged on so that your reapplication is tied to your existing account and bar number.

I missed the membership renewal deadline. What do I need to do to reinstate my membership?

The Paralegal Division’s annual renewal process is only available May 1 – July 31.  Memberships that aren’t renewed during this period are automatically converted to be Former Members in mid-August after the State Bar confirms the active roster resulting from the annual renewals.

If you failed to renew but want to continue your membership, you can reapply as a new member.  Be sure to log on (https://txpd.org/login/) using your bar number and current password.  Then go to the new member application page (https://txpd.org/membership/new-member-application/) to begin your application.  Be sure to click Yes on the “Are you a former member?” question.  If you are/were an Active or Associate member in the past 12 months AND are reapplying as Active or Associate, you will have to provide your CLE information as part of your application.


I am a new member of the Paralegal Division and I cannot log into the Members Only area. Can you tell me why?

The reason you cannot log into the private area of our website at this time is because it takes approximately two weeks from the day your membership is entered into the Membership database to have the file downloaded from the State Bar of Texas website database and uploaded to the Paralegal Division’s website.

The State Bar of Texas Membership Roster is not directly connected to the Division’s website. Each Sunday, the State Bar’s computer program automatically creates a current list of the Division members. Each Monday, the Division is allowed to access the State Bar’s info and download all of the current members in a format to be placed on the Division’s website. Please check back on Tuesday of the following week for access.

How do I change my Emeritus or Student membership to a different membership type?

If you are a current Emeritus or Student member and want to change your membership type, you must complete a new application via the menu above: MEMBERSHIP > Applications.  This can be done anytime during the year.  You cannot use the annual renewal process to change your membership status.  In order to make the correct choice for a new membership category please review the membership types and criteria via the menu above: MEMBERSHIP > Types and Criteria

When filling out the new membership application, it is very important to provide your CURRENT Bar Card number when asked to do so in the application process.  If you do not know your Bar Card number please email the PD Coordinator at pd@txpd.org.

How do I find my membership number?

The membership number is located on the membership card that is mailed to the Paralegal Division members from the Membership Department of the State Bar of Texas.  A membership card is mailed to each new member within two weeks of receipt of dues payment.  If you do not receive a card (within two to three weeks of receiving the acceptance letter), please contact the Membership Department directly at 1-800-204-2222, ext. 1383.

If your card needs replacing due to loss or damage you can order a replacement via the My Account page.

How do I join the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas?

The Paralegal Division is an integral part of the State Bar of Texas.  The Division sets its own standard for membership in the Paralegal Division.  The Board of Directors sets the policy for membership in the Paralegal Division.  To view the benefits, criteria, and applications for membership in the Paralegal Division, please see the menu above:

Benefits:  MEMBERSHIP > Benefits
Criteria: MEMBERSHIP >Types and Criteria
Membership Applications: MEMBERSHIP > Applications

When a person submits an application for membership, the application is reviewed by the Membership Committee of the Paralegal Division to confirm that the applicant meets the criteria for membership set forth by the Board of Directors of the Paralegal Division.  Upon approval, the applicant is forwarded a letter from the Paralegal Division within 30 days of receipt of application.

To learn more about the Paralegal Division and its policies of the Paralegal Division, please review the Standing Rules and other information that can be found under the menu above: ABOUT.

I have completed a full year working as a paralegal. The one year experience has been split between two employers. What should I list on the Active Membership Application to show the one year of paralegal experience?

As long as you have worked as a paralegal performing at least 80% substantive paralegal duties for total of one year, and have met the other educational and/certification criteria, you may complete the Active membership application.  When completing the form, you should list the information for the attorney for whom the most work was done during the past 6 months.

When do I renew my membership in the Paralegal Division?

The membership renewal process is completely online and begins May 1.  Log onto the My Account page and click Renew Online.

As a current member of the Paralegal Division, if your account email and mailing address are accurate, you should receive a reminder post-card and begin receiving eBlasts about the membership renewal process in early May.  Membership renewals open on May 1 and are open through July 31.

If you do not receive the post-card or eBlasts regarding renewals, verify that your profile is up to date via the edit profile link on the My Account page.